Boxin' the Clown

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art from B Fasick ,Spaceman and  23
Watercolors, ink and sculpture
Interchangeable design allows for changing decorative tops with the 'rabbit' stopper from Metrokane.
Optional...Standard wine tasting stopper has a release / 'pop' top
 to prevent damage to decorative top
*Hokie bird is a trademark of Virginia Tech and this limit production was a gift for my niece. Trademark icons would require licensing agreement and fees. Rabbit is a trademark of Metrokane and may be purchased from your local retail store or supplied with order. At this time we do not have any agreement with Metrokane or the rabbit stopper.  

Custom Wine Stoppers

Hand sculpted and finished.

Standard line of Wine stoppers may be customized with printed wine label or engraved base.
Just completed.... the Hokie* Wedding stopper is shown with the engraved base option. 
Custom designs for Weddings, Corporate or Private events are available upon request. 
Click on the contact tab and forward your information or request.
Gold/Silver finish for either Bride/Groom guest
Custom base
Wedding party gifts Custom printed & Engraved base
Brides parents gift pack
Recently sculpted IBIS for Harvard Lampoon
Harvard Lampoon's Ibis was requested for an event on the west coast. The iconic Ibis, the statue sitting on top of the Harvard Lampoon building, was sculpted for use as a Wine stopper. A custom bottle of wine, custom label and a tie-in with the Harvard Lampoon Ibis. The event was for prominent alumnus. 

Pewter, Bronze, white metal and silver were consider for the casting. Final cast was a Broresin (Bronze flakes and resin cold cast method). The Broresin casting had the weight and finish of a bronze cast at a fraction of the cost for a metal casting

Creative ideas and solutions for Promotions, Corporate and events

Consulting, creating, sculpting, and production 
Harvard Lampoon Building
Ibis Statue
Pre-Production proof
Sculpted for "Rabbit" stopper
Standard cork or plastic stopper available